We are passionate about solving Africa's social and economic problems with the application of technology to enhance education and entrepreneurship.


We are concerned about the educational sector of Africa. This is why we support programmes and training that  improves STEM education of students/children from rural communities.


We help to improve the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by participating in tech training and mentorship sessions. We also provide Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) support.

Our Mission

To make a significant impact in the socio-economic development of Africa  using technology.

Our Passion

Our drive is making a positive difference not just in the lives of individuals or the society but in Africa at large.

Our Objectives

To train 100,000 pupils/students by 2025.

To support 1,500 SMEs by 2025.

We Provide Tech Support for NGOs and SMEs

We value what African NGOs and SMEs are doing which is why we contribute by providing supports such as power solution, tech training, digital media, technical infrastructure and website solution/services.

Tech Training
Website Solution/Services
Digital Media
Power Solution
Technical Infrastructure

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